Observer by April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabrics

A city’s glow when seen from an airplane window at night, draws its own map, one that is ever changing as lights are turned on and off. This collection is about looking both outward and inward. Discovering patterns in objects both man-made and naturally occurring, and finding their connection to you. Although the textures mayRead more ⟶

Fabric Friday Offer: 28th April

Every Friday we offer 15% off of one of our wonderful fabrics. You don’t need a code as the discount is already applied.   This week we’re discounting Art Gallery Fabrics Ragged Denim Daisies   This premium 100% light weight cotton denim is one of our very popular fabrics and incredibly versatile. Grab it thisRead more ⟶

Fabric Friday: Fiesta Fun

Fiesta Fun is the second fabric designer Dana Willard has designed for Art Gallery Fabrics. (Her first was the beautiful, bright Boardwalk Delight). Dana grew up in Southern California where she was exposed to Mexican culture in all aspects: food, people, floral designs and bright colours. The mixture of pastel colours and bold tones from Mexican designRead more ⟶