As the world is bracing and suffering from this pandemic, we wanted to outline how the virus is affecting Habbydays.

Firstly we want to make it very clear, we are OPEN both online and our bricks and mortar shop. We will STAY OPEN unless the government upgrades phases. We are following WHO guidelines to encourage social distancing as we feel it is only responsible. Please read the following statement carefully.

The UK government has gone into a ‘delay’ phase, with many people being advised to not travel unless essential. This is already having an impact on deliveries and re stocking, as well as specific events.

So far, we have had to postpone our upcoming Husqvarna demo day and the Cambs Frocktails event that we have sponsored has been postponed until October to be on the safe side.

We’re aware that we need to have something in place incase the worst happens. As it is, we are a very small, family run business and if we are quarantined or isolated there is no one else to run the shop, online or bricks and mortar. If this happens, we will blast our social media with what is going on and advise on possible transfer.

It may sound daft but we also wash our hands constantly throughout the day due to touching different fabrics, this is a standard for us regardless of the pandemic. We have been asked if we have any way of disinfecting our cash and we do not. However, we do take card and contactless payments if you are worried about handling cash.

Unless measures are upgraded by the government, or we are isolated/quarantined, we intend to stay open. Again, we can’t guarantee deliveries due to that being reliant on other companies who may have other measures in place. Although our website doesn’t currently show all of our stock, we are busy working away to get it updated but with over 6000 product lines to stock take, it’s taking a little while.

When it comes to classes, we have decided to pause classes after our Term One is finished until the pandemic is clear. Unless the government upgrades measures and closes schools or our tutors are quarantined/isolated, we will continue with the children’s classes and adult classes until March 28th.

If you or your child are booked on term two classes, we will refund you in full. Until we know more, all classes after March 28th will be postponed. If you or your child are booked on Term one classes, please follow the NHS guidelines on self isolation. If one of our students is isolated/diagnosed/quarantined please email us so that we can communicate potential transfer of the virus onto other students/parents of students who may have been in the same class.

When it comes to our regular sewcials, Sewing Club and Knit and Natter, they are postponed until further notice.

Not that we expect COVID-19 to be passed on via our fabrics but current government guidelines for laundry are:

Do not shake dirty laundry; this minimises the possibility of dispersing virus through the air.

Wash items as appropriate in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.. Dirty laundry that has been in contact with an ill person can be washed with other people’s items.

Mostly we hope all of you are staying safe and well. We’ve had quite few people in who are incredibly concerned and stocking up on craft materials incase they are isolated/quarantined. Remember to drink plenty of water and follow guidelines set out by the NHS and the government.

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