February Faves

As February draws to a close, I thought I’d share my 5 favourite products from this month.

Plush Sweatshirting

I love, love, love this sweatshirting for a few reasons… the prints are cute, it’s really warm, super stretchy and extra wide!

We currently have 4 designs in this fabric but will be ordering more in March!

Olioso I touch Iron

This is one pricey tool but we love it. This iron magnificently rises on its own when you take your hand off of the iron’s handle to prevent burning, has a really easy to fill water tank and a massive 3.7m long 360 degree pivoting power lead.

Plus we have it on a pre orderable deal at 20% off the RRP for a limited time

Tailor’s Point Presser and Clapper

One of my favourite tools ever, a tailor’s point presser and clapper is the perfect companion to a good iron. Use the bottom (clapper) to hold in heat when steaming seams especially handy for bulky seams and working on heavier fabrics. Use the point presser to achieve really crisp, professional points and seams.

Soft Grip Rotary Cutter: 45mm

I cut fabric all day and after a while it can get really hard on your hands. This ergonomically shaped, soft grip rotary cutter makes cutting out so easy and the 45mm blade makes it useful for all kinds of projects.

Ball Point Pins

And finally, ball point pins! These are fab for knit/stretchy fabrics as they will not snag your fabric, just like when you use a ball point machine needle on your sewing machine.

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