Heartland Unn Cross Pine Jersey- Art Gallery Fabrics

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Inspired by her grandmother, Millie, to whom Bari J was very close while growing up and who influenced her design sense, this collection is overflowing with colour, flowers and patterns. Rich warm hues tint life into Bari’s signature florals, and bold textural and geometric prints

95% Cotton 5% Spandex
58-60″ – 175g/sqm

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Cotton Jersey

Fabric Use

Athletic wear, Baby, Bodycon, Cardigans, Children, Crafts, Cuffs, Dancewear, Dress, Dressing Gown, Dressmaking, Hoodies, Jumpers, Leggings, Lounge wear, Neckbands, Skirt, Sleepwear, Sweat Pants, Sweatshirts, T shirts, Tops, Trousers, Under Garments, Underwear, Utility, Womenswear

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