Neon Marl Jersey Pink REMNANT

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Price For 90cm end of bold cut remnant

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Weight: 150GSM
Composition: 92% Cotton, 8% Elastane
Width: 150cm/59inch



Fabric Type

Cotton Jersey, Remnant

Fabric Use

Athletic wear, Baby, Bodycon, Cardigans, Children, Crafts, Dancewear, Dress, Dressing Gown, Dressmaking, Hoodies, Household, Jacket, Jumpers, Leggings, Lounge wear, Skirt, Sleepwear, Sweat Pants, Sweatshirts, T shirts, Tops, Trousers, Under Garments, Underwear, Utility, Womenswear

Fabric Width



Blender, Geometric

Fabric Colour