Top Tip Tuesday: Irons

Your tools are just as important as the craft that you are working on and as our students often find out very quickly, your iron is going to be one that you use a lot!


Here are our top tips to keep your iron in it’s best condition.





  • Always switch off your iron after use. Empty any water from it and store it safely away where it cannot get broken. The residual heat from the iron will help dry the iron out but be careful as the iron is still hot. Keep it somewhere safe until it is cool enough to store. We like the Minky Chrome Iron Storage System.


  • Use distilled water or ironing water in your iron (if your iron is a steam iron). Click here to learn how to make your own, other wise try Comfort Vaporese which is readily available on Amazon and most supermarkets.


  • Clean your iron regularly.  When the iron is unplugged and cool, rinse out the water reservoir with hot water.  Wipe the entire iron down including the cord with a damp clean cloth.  Use a second clean cloth to dry the iron and store it in a cool dry place. Additionally you can use an iron cleaner to get rid of stubborn stains or burnt on materials.


  • Clean out the water reservoir to help avoid hard water build up.  Pour white vinegar into the water chamber, turn it on high, and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.  Turn it off, unplug it and pour the white vinegar out.  Let it air dry and cool off then refill it with clean water and rinse. You could also use an iron descaler and follow the instructions included.

If you would like to know more about the ironing tools that we use, check out our other blog post: My Ironing Set Up


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